We personalize your Haircut, Style and Colour to suit your personality and your lifestyle. 

We listen to our clients' dream hair goals and give them a path to get there. It's why our cut and color work can be so varied, yet consistently on point. And it's why we are an educational-based salon, so we stay on trend. 


Salon Indigo natural color work gives you the subtle, specific color you want to feel and look beautiful.

 Our fashion colors add just a peek or a bold splash of color to give you the unique look that you want.

 We are in Dripping. We know how bad the water is here for hair. So, we choose our products specifically to return your hair to optimum health. 

Beautiful natural colors for a classic look


If natural color is your style, our Master Hair Designers and Master Color Technicians can work together with you to give you that specific look that you want. 


On-trend fashion color for a signature look.


If a splash or more of fashion color makes you feel beautiful, Salon Indigo is here to help you create that unique look.


Hair products to serve your specific needs


We know the water is hard in Dripping Springs, which means it is hard on our hair. Through our research, we found two specific products to combat this problem. Enjoy products help balance out the ph level in our hair and Formula 18 starts rebuilding the hair cuticle and smoothing it out.


F18 plant-based additive rejuvenates the bonds in your hair, helping build back the hair cuticle that is damaged through constant washing in hard water. 

Enjoy hair care products balance out the ph in hair, also reducing hard water damage.